After sight-seeing, shopping comes second (and third and fourth) in the list of things to do for visitors in Kathmandu. And why not? With the array of brand name merchandise available here – and at the prices they are being sold – bargain hunters are laughing all the way to the nearest department store.

Kathmandu brings you top-of-the-line designer products of the world. Perfumes, watches, shoes, cosmetics… Christian Dior, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel… the exclusive displays will knock you out.

Wholesale changes have appeared in Kathmandu of late. In sharp contrast to the oriental bazaar ambiance of the city’s old quarter, it’s a whole other atmosphere at the swanky department stores where you can pick up these luxury goods.

The shopping centers and designer stores are shiny, classy and spacious. Fancy cars jam their parking lots. You browse the displays in air-conditioned comfort, while smart, uniformed salespersons help you clean out the shelves. All major credit cards are accepted. And many have in-house cafes where you can take a break and grab a bite.

Another pleasure of shopping in Kathmandu is peace of mind, because you can be sure you are getting the original article. Brand names are represented by authorized distributors who guarantee the authenticity of the merchandise. Low overhead costs and special promotional rates allow local dealers to offer remarkably competitive prices – to the great joy of one and all.